Wall and ceiling

Panelling for your well-being

  • A portion of nature in your rooms (decoratively surfaced forest-wood fibre boards)
  • Additional sound proofing and insulation (The characteristics of the wood ensure well-being)
  • Simple assembly of PanO´flair, Avanti, Swingline and Master-Range panelling (quick assembly through the patented Fit-Fix® system)
  • Modern flat appearance with Master-Range panelling (smooth walls/ceilings through flat edges)
  • Classic contoured look (through rounded edges and emphasised gaps)
  • Endless design possibilities (flexibility through many sizes and measurements)
  • Low maintenance/hygienic (easy to clean)
  • For all indoor rooms (even suitable for wet rooms)

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ELESGO floor - An advantage trough technology

  • Acrylate coating (free from melamine and solvents)
  • Natural and harmonious (character of nature)
  • Good indoor atmospheric environment (non-porous, dirt-trap free surfaces)
  • Easy to clean (closed and sealed surfaces)
  • Real-feel material (no plastic feel)
  • Brilliant appearance (through acrylate laminate)
  • Sound reduction (no „click-clack effect“)
  • Antistatic property (no electrical charge)

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Furniture parts and solid wood

    Each finished piece of furniture starts with the right wood. We offer select woods such as spruce, pine, paulownia, birch, beech, oak, cherry tree, walnut and acacia ...

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      Modern and flat television screens don’t just look classy: they provide excellent quality due to their technical sophistication. However, the elegance of a wall-mounted flatscreen is significantly reduced by exposed cables connecting various devices. Hiding these cables often requires complicated constructions.

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