Environmental protection

We already have high demands for environmental sustainability when it comes to the raw materials that we use.

We generate new energy from waste products resulting from manufacturing. Materials which can not be used further within the company are collected and recycled. We reduce air pollution to a minimum using modern filtering equipment. All substrates correspond to the E1 emissions class guidelines and to current global standards.

Furthermore formaldehyde-free glued chipboard is used which similarly may bear the environment mark the German "Blauer Engel" (Blue Angel) certification, like all panels with MDF substrate. In particular even the ELESGO® methods are characterised by a high degree of regard for the environment. Very little energy is required in the production, without waste air and water. The solvent-free acrylate resin used does not emit elements which are harmful to health.

Quality control

Quality from the manufacturer to the final customer

So that only the best products are available to customers we carry out quality checks in all stages of production. The products are under the constant supervision of trained specialist staff, who are responsible for the development of all quality requirements.

Alongside the constant on-site quality monitoring, our products are also checked by independent institutes.

PEFC certification

PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, which is an international forest certification system. It is the biggest independent organisation worldwide for securing and continuously improving sustainable forestry management with guaranteed environmental, social and economic standards.

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