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ELESGO® is a cutting-edge technology and a quality product from DTS (Dammers-Taubert Systemoberflächen GmbH). DTS GmbH was founded in 1994.

The main reason for founding the company was the bold idea of producing laminates that were extremely hard and durable, that met contemporary ecological requirements, and that, as a roll material, could be used for cladding. Consequently, the first working title of “glass off a roll” emerged.

Later, ELESGO® was created and protected internationally as a name for this new technology. To turn his idea into reality, current DTS partner Dirk Dammers searched for suitable opportunities worldwide. Wilhelm Taubert, the other partner and director of DTS-Systemoberflächen GmbH, has been involved with electron-beam crosslinking technology since the 1970s, and since then he has become a recognised specialist in the field of electron-beam hardening of acrylic resins. At the end of the 1980s he developed a method that made it possible to use this technology to produce decorative surfaces that were significantly superior in many of their characteristics to surfaces previously available. This new method made it possible for the first time to produce multi-layered surfaces in a single process that was environmentally-friendly, saved energy and used no solvents. Using this technique as a base and the idea of “glass on a roll”, Dirk Dammers and Wilhelm Taubert joined up to achieve their ambitious goals. The first laboratory facility was built in Oberhausen. Research and investments in it never stopped. In 1997 in Möckern near Magdeburg a completely new production facility was built to meet increasing demand and to implement further development steps in large-scale industrial production.

Technical properties such as scratch and abrasion resistance, and visual and tactile properties, in particular, were considerably improved. Under the ELESGO® brand name, which now has a great reputation among experts, many millions of square metres of ELESGO® surfaces are produced on three electron beam systems at this location, with more than 50 employees, and used in different application areas. The qualities produced by DTS-Systemoberflächen GmbH for wood-based laminate flooring are used exclusively by the ELESGO®-floor manufacturing company HDM.

Similarly, the surfaces are exclusively used in the wall and ceiling panels sector.